Fredrik Klingwall

Fredrik Klingwall | Composer - Producer

"While Klingwall's music makes for a completely satisfying listening experience, these compositions are absolutely designed for the cinema. Someone get this man a director, post haste!"
- Rue Morgue Magazine

"If you're looking for something mournful yet richly picturesque I recommend this unreservedly."
-Mick Mercer, Live Journal

"Mr. Klingwall is, in my opinion, finely attuned with the inner workings of our scared little inner souls."
- ZG, Vilenoise

"If you love tense and dark atmospheres good for old German movies try this one."
- Maurizio Pustianaz, Chain DLK

Fredrik Klingwall Fredrik Klingwall Fredrik Klingwall

NAME: Fredrik Klingwall
BORN: 1979
RESIDES: Stockholm
CURRENT PROJECTS: Anima Morte, Loch Vostok, Rising Shadows
PREVIOUS PROJECTS: Flagellation, In Grey, Machinery
SESSION: bibleblack, Desultor, Diabolical, Demonical, One Hour Hell

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Mail: fredrik [AT] klingwall [DOT] se